• image description on May 26, 2012 at 7:51am

      Let me start by saying I am NO green thumb. grin But I have learned a bit over the years from experience: tomatoes needs lots of sun, warm soil and regular water. If the watering is in spurts, and the tomato has a growth spurt, it will crack. As for planting - you can plant them low in the soil all the way to the first set of branches! Surprising, but it works. (Normally you plant level with the soil it comes in.) Also, we’ve found if you have a crazy amount of little flowers/fruit appearing all over your plants, pluck half of them off so the plants’ food and energy can concentrate on those that remain. When we don’t it takes much longer for any to ripen.

      What else I do know for sure? Fresh home-grown tomatoes - Yummmm!! Caprese salad here we come! grin

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