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My name is Sara Shaddix.  I live in Saint George Utah with my husband and two daughters.  I stay home raising my children and my husband, Ryan, is one of the pastors at Calvary Chapel here in Saint George.  He pastors the youth of our church and their families, and so much of our time is spent counseling or serving the students and their families in many different ways.    We have spend the past 11 years working with adolescents and their families,  teaching them about the Bible, who Jesus is, and helping them to pursue God and His will for their lives. God has given us a heart for young people, especially those in their teen years,  and our desire is to disciple, spend time with, and serve as many as the Lord places in our life.  They, after all, are the future of this world, and will be the leaders, pastors, doctors, and teachers for my children. 

Although do not work outside of my home, my days are quite full! Along with raising a family and keeping our home operating efficiently,  I spend anywhere between 5-20 hours per week with teenage girls (or sometimes their mothers), just being a friend to them, or sometimes dealing with very difficult situations. 

My favorite things to to are playing with my kids, cooking, gardening, reading, and running!

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