August 30, 2012

Simple things can either make or break your reputation at work.  The less your boss or supervisor has to think about the following things , the more respect you will gain. 
1. Know the difference between talking and chatting. 
2. Arrive on time.  
3. Forget your cell phone exists. 
4. Do what you said you'd do. Be dependable.
5. Remember who is paying the bills. 
6.  Change the toilet paper roll. 
7. Focus on work while you are being paid for working. 
8. Keep it simple.  Be easy to work with. 
9. Reputation.  Reputation.  Reputation. Personal life antics do matter. 
10. Treat your co-workers with respect. 
11.  Cupcakes.  The most important way to make friends and build relationships. 

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