July 16, 2012

How could these 4 dominant personalities co-exist in this small sterile office? And how had I managed to be sandwiched between them after my promotion?
A few days into my new position and I knew it wasn't a positive environment. Competitive characters and fragile egos made me question if the raise and title were worth it.

. . .

I've encountered all types of co-workers throughout my working years. Whether in small offices or larger corporations, you never know who you'll be confronted with on a daily basis.
Some of my co-workers became life-long friends. We enjoyed working side by side. We'd get together outside of the office. We worked as a team and lifted each other up when needed.

Others, like The Fighting Four in the above situation, made particular work situations unpleasant, to say the least. A colleague putting others down to make himself look better. Bosses pitting associates against each other as means to feel in control. Meetings filled with one-upsmanship. Gossip-filled lounges.
My advice to those of you in tough co-worker situations:

• maintain your integrity
• work hard
• truly do your best quality work
• stay humble
• avoid gossipers
• be generous with praise of others
• act like you're on a team even if you're the only one
Now that I'm retired, I can write these things easily. But I know in the moment situations can be stressful. And some of us take these moments home with us and replay them for hours or even days and months after. Do your best and let the rest go. Act to fill your mind with something else. Don't stew on the past.

I have seen situations turn around. Others may never voice gratitude or respect, but you will know if you've maintained your high ethical standards. And they will, too.

Make your goal to move on – whenever that may be – with that peace of mind.

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