March 06, 2014

I've never lost someone I deeply loved until this year, I'm 29 and growing up with out a Father or stable family has imputed in me pain and loss, yet I'd been shielded, I now see because I've never truly, Loved and Lost as I did this year... My Mema was like a 2nd mother to me she was a Grandma that was always there, always part of my life. She was a rock for my single mom & troubled younger siblings. Our entire lives we've spent running to Mema when we needed help, shelter, food, love or advice. As I look back I'm amazed at how God used my Mema to guide, bless & protect us kids. My Grandmother was as tough as they come, a self made self sustaining Business Woman who practically raised herself,  tragically losing her father, later suffered 2 divorces  and experienced the excruciating pain of losing her oldest son and then her daughter that made her many other hardships pale in comparison. She was determined and stubborn, I love her. Death is such a wicked thief He steals our joy our laughter, he leaves us with a void and a hopeless wanting, Death is Dark and greedy. I am so thankful that Jesus Christ swallowed up death in the victory he achieved on The Cross, I am amazed that My Lord has not only beat death but he enables every one of us to hurdle over death by His gift of eternal life recieved through The miracle of the Cross. Because My Perfect Jesus died and conquered Sin and Death by raising himself up again. He empowers us who believe in His Truths and Choose to recieve his free gift to also raise up again from the grave, not in mortal deteriorated bodies but in heavenly bodies of perfection. My beautiful, stubborn, self sustaining Grandmother lifted her  tired wrinkled hand to Jesus Christ when she was 80 years old at a Christmas Eve Service that Calvary Chapel  organized, When she heard The Pastor offer to pray with those whom realized their need for forgiveness, and wanted a Savior to rescue them from the wages of sin, One who would not only redeem them but also deliver them to the promise of new life on this earth and eternal life in heaven. Mema cried out, after 80 years of doing it on her own the gentle nudge of Gods hand touched her heart and she reached out to Jesus, He answered her prayer and gave her forgiveness and a fresh new start, We all were speechless when she announced it boldly to us over Christmas dinner with  tears glistening in her sea green eyes...My heart leapt! God had answered my long time prayer... Mema's mansion in heaven was secured, through the blood of Christ. Amazing. A year and a month later Mema left, she went home... Death came as a kidnapper yet God immediately redeemed her to himself and lavishly blesses her even as I type. Incredible. Jesus Makes all things New. I  realize I have a lot to learn about the mysteries of life, Gods Word has the answers I hunger for, I will read now. My heart is thirsty for the living water of My Saviors Love.                                                                                                                                   "He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it." Isaiah 25:8

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