April 24, 2012

"When did you feel loved today? or what made you smile or feel happy today?" Kent asks "Sweet Girl" our sweet and very talkative foster daughter. She thinks about it for a moment and replies "I felt loved when I ate."

Sweet Girl came to our home extremely underweight. Having three meals a day is something she is relishing and seems a bit foreign to her. She's starting to fill out a bit and feeling a little more secured every day.

"What I loved about you today" Kent tells her "is when you ran up to me after school and gave a me a big hug." Sweet Girl's face lights up and gives him a big smile.

We started doing this exercise every night when we put our foster kiddos to bed. These kids come from unimaginable circumstances. By the time they get removed from their home, and are given only seconds to pack up their most valued possessions, they're self worth gets distorted. Exercises like this one help to build up their self esteem. It's also a way to create attachment with another human. Since most of these kids suffer from attachment disorders. It also helps them to decipher what "being loved" looks like in a healthy way. Engaging with Sweet Girl in this manner is something I look forward to and she loves it.

I created this form that can be used for either a boy or a girl.

To download PDF form click on link below- Form will be back to back.

This is also a great tool that can be used with your bio kiddos as well. It's a great to play an important role in promoting healthy self-esteem in your child. I keep it hung on the wall close to her bed to remind her of the different ways she's received love. Have fun with it, but always remember to stay consistent by doing this every night or as much as possible. You'll find that this activity is something that your kids will look forward to as well.

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