May 25, 2012

Its Memorial Day weekend...or it will be once you know, 5 p.m. rolls around. So what does that mean for our household? Well, this year it means separate vacations.

Yup that is right - my husband and I are spending a long weekend APART. Hold up though - we ain't crazy!

You see, Alex is a very independant person and quite frankly drives me batty with that some days. I am quite the opposite. So, while I'm not in love with this plan, its something the husband needs. He gets to see family I'd really rather see only once a year and I get 3 glorious days to clean.

Yes, clean. I'm sure you think I'm crazy but for me this is my version of "things I need."

Why is all of this so important to marriage? Marriage is an awesome thing wherein two people spend their LIVES trying to become one. But in order for the marriage to remain strong and healthy, you need two separate people to create it. In other words you have to maintain your own person. Seperate hobbies, jobs, etc all help with this but occasionally you need some "you" time.

That is what hubby and I are going to do this weekend. His time involves family he loves dearly and that I care about, but simply don't enjoy as much as him. Now he can spend as long as he wants sitting around and chatting with them as he wants without feeling guilt or pressure to keep me engaged. On the other hand I get to take a break and get some house chores done that really irritate me and that I don't often get to do when the daily chaos of living with another individual happens. Plus I get to go get my nails done.

Marriage is such a melding of two people that it does help to occasionally take a step back and remember who YOU are. Even if it is a long weekend apart.

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