April 24, 2012

"We picked up trash and I slept on the hard floor" was the response Silas, my 14year old step son gave when hubby and i asked him what had he done during the last four days. We asked "so... did you like it?" as i waited in apprehension for his response  he replied "yeah, it was really fun."

For the past four days Silas had been a part of the Agape Mission's trip for the Jr. High kids. While the high school kids drove to Mexico to build homes for the poor and some drove to L.A. to volunteer at Skid Row, a facility that helps out drug addicts and the homeless,  the Jr. High team dedicated their efforts to serving the local community. They picked up thrash from various parks and worked vigorously picking up the backyards of some of the locals.  A majority of their time was spent cleaning and picking up the outside of The House of Refugee,  an organization dedicated to help families that are destitute. They worked really hard and had no access to their phones and Internet. They stayed at the church where they slept on the floor and went without showering for four days. Through it all, the kids really seem to enjoy this time of great bonding.

i asked Silas what specifically did he get out of  mission's trip. He smiled and replied
"I liked helping. I like how it feels."  

i personally believe that nothing compares to the feeling of giving up oneself to help a cause.
i think it's vital that we instill this belief in our kids. They'll be better for it. This is something that i've  tried to do with Silas, whether it has been by taking him to pass out leaflets in protest of the circus, when he was eight years old, with my Animal Advocates group or volunteering at our local animal shelter.
My hope is that he will carry some of this experiences with him unto his adult hood. It's so exciting to see Silas looking forward to his next Mission's trip or looking for ways to stand up for injustice like the KONY2012 project.
click on link that will direct you to watch a must see, life changing video.

We are all a workmanship or a masterpiece in the making. This is true of Silas and our youth!

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  Ephesian 2:10

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