April 22, 2012

*Sigh* It’s official. We are moving.  Things were never explained or worked out with the bank and so we are leaving.  It’s disappointing, embarrassing, and exciting.

I will explain the three emotions:

I am disappointed that even though we made smart financial decisions in buying our house and were responsible the entire time we still were hit.  I don’t understand why they won’t talk to us or explain their reasoning behind raising our mortgage.  It now sounds like a broken record and I truly don’t believe that anyone understands why it went up, it just did, and now they want “their” money.

I am incredibly embarrassed.   We are a now part of a statistic.  We look irresponsible.  I don’t like looking irresponsible and I don’t have the time nor the energy to explain to EVERYONE the situation.  I just have to take this blow to my pride and move on past it…

Exciting.  Yes, it is a bit exciting.  We are finding a rental that is significantly cheaper and we will save a lot of money.  All this money will go into paying off all our debt.  AND if we stay on the track that we are currently on we will be completely debt free in just over a year! That is exciting!  The possibilities with no debt are almost endless!

So, here we go.  A new, slightly less fun, adventure that I know will teach us new things and in the end only make us stronger.

*By Morgan Swift from Becoming Homegrown.  Read more about moving on at Becoming Homegrown.

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