October 17, 2012

 The Calm BECAUSE of the Storm
Have you ever had one of those days you feel you'll never catch up, you feel worn thin, you feel like you never get a moment to yourself.

Evening starts to fall and all you can think about is snuggling up in bed watching a good movie or reading a book.  A glass of wine or hot tea, cookies, your dog curled at your feet, your honey next to you.  But then, you look around and see that pile of laundry, that apparently only you can see, is still laying on the ground.  The load in the dryer is hours old and is now in need of re-drying to hopefully remove the wrinkles, so the clothes are wearable without ironing. Speaking of ironing, those shirts and pants on the ironing board, your hubby needs for work has now doubled.

The dishes need put away and reloaded.  Dinner, which did not turn as good as you hoped, is still  in need of being refrigerated. Toys are scattered through the house, bills waiting to be paid, toilets beckoning to be cleaned and papers needing signed for school.  Even if you start right now and work hard with no interruptions, you are looking at 2 hours of work.

Your day was busy, you have one child, who came home from school with a tummy ache, who threw up on your rug, in your bedroom.   You wrestled the beast of a rug down the staircase and hose off the yuck, then manage to hang it over the porch railing to dry.  Moments after you walk in the house, you hear the wrenching again and quickly realize he's in your bed, laying on the clean sheets, which now need changed, again.

Because of 1 sick child, your plans for Wednesday night church have come to a halt, but when your oldest child is disappointed , because he really wanted to learn bible verses, you change your mind and load up all the kids for the 40 minute round trip to drop him off.  You call you husband and ask him to work late, so he can pick him up after church and you won't have to get back out.

Once you pull up to church, you remember it is Crazy Hat Night, but in your haste to leave, your child is without a hat.   Your child looks over at you with a disappointed look and you quickly scan the car for a makeshift  hat, after 3 failed attempts to make a paper hat from school papers and a definite "no" to the "little swimmer" hat, he says not to worry about it, but you still feel guilty, as you pull away.

You rush home to put the toddler in bed, since she didn't get a nap today and she is beyond tired!  Once you get home, it starts storming, the dog starts pacing and acting all goofy, your child is screaming that she doesn't want to go to bed and she's scared of the storm,  that's when you suddenly remember the rug is still outside!  You put your screaming child in the crib, trip over the dog and yell at the sick child to go lay down.  You wrestle in the rug, run back up stairs and trip over the dog again.

You scoop up your screaming toddler and she quiets instantly and snuggles right into you, like she completes you.  You feel her warm, soft skin, smell her sweet baby smell and for the first time all day relax.  The storm you was cursing at 10 minutes earlier, is now like a symphony to your soul.  You rock your baby and thank God for your crazy life.  You wish you could stop time, enjoy these days you will never get back.  Slow down, stop the running..................

I know we have all had days like this.

For 15 minutes I rocked my baby, my LAST baby and listened to the rain dance and the thunder crash and I felt refreshed.

I put her in bed and left the dishes, laundry and messes that lay scattered across the floor and kitchen table and took the opportunity to read to and snuggle my sick son.

After he and his brother went to bed, I watched one of my favorite shows, Parenthood, and ate half a box of cookies.  The mess and "to do" list will always be haunting me,  but my kids just keep growing and will be gone before I know it.  I need to SLOW DOWN!!!!

Try and stop running and enjoy these "huge" blessings in your life.  In the blink of an eye, they will be gone.  

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