October 29, 2014

The mental health system has failed me again.

Mental Health is suppose to be a more talked about topic in or society today. There are so many people out there fighting to end the stigma on all the topics surrounding mental health. But for myself who is a sufferer of depression, anxiety and hypochondria it is an everyday battle. Our society still has a very long way to come when it comes to mentle health. I have been spending the last two years trying to seek help for my illness. Number of times I was sent to the er doctors, with unpleasant and painful symptoms and was told unless I was going to hurt myself or anyone else I was unable to get on site treatment. So after exhausting visits with my family doctor and being popped  full of a bunch of pills the only made me feel worse and A referred me to a physcritrist. It's now been a year and a half and mental Health still has me on the waiting list. I was told that it could be up to another 8-12 months till I get in and was advices to ask my doctor for another referral stating my situation has changed. My doctor said he would do this and I called mental health yet again and they did not reserve the referral from my doctor ( a month later) I feel I've been struggling for help and each countless effort I make to get help it goes nowheres. This system needs to change. I have to spend everyday of my life struggling with myself just to get threw a day. They say how great our health system is and if that is the case why have I been fighting for my right to get help. I am beyond frustrated. I have learned to get by day to day with these struggles but I can't help but think of all the people who are going threw what I am on a worse scale. People reaching out for help, and getting nowheres. It makes me feel hopeless that if I go to the doctor with a concern with my health they do not listen to me as soon as the word mental illness is mentioned. If that is not stigma I'm not sure what is. I may be a hypochondriac but I still have rights when it concerns my health and well being. Mental health has effected all parts of my life, from family, friends, employment and enjoying the great things in life. All I want is help and If this article reaches out to anyone else who is struggling like I am I wAnt to be your voice. You are not alone and the fight for the correct health care will not go unheard. Mental health is a disease it is just not AS noticeable on the outside. Let us be heard.

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