May 29, 2012

Why are women so competitive? Why are we so divisive? Why are we so jealous? Why can we not stand to see each other succeed?  On the outside we are putting on a smile and acting like we are happy for each other, but our heart tells a different story.   Instead of forming a powerful force together, we want to separate from each other. We think we can do better on our own because, "Women are too much drama, I get along better with males, and I can do better all by myself."

We compare our kids to each other.
Who's smarter,
who's talking better,
crawling faster,
eating more,
doing sign language,
saying their ABC's,
potty trained by 2.
The list goes on. 

We are even more critical when it comes to one another. 
Who's prettier?
Who has more friends?
Who got the baby weight off?
Who has a blog?
How many people read it?
Who's got an Etsy shop?
How many Etsy sales do you have?
Facebook fans,
Twitter followers,


I'm not exempt from this.  I see myself falling into the trap of comparing, and competition. I start to think of ways that I can "one up" you because that's what it feels like you are doing to me. The sad part about it all is I see this attitude among my Christian friends and rarely from my non-Christian friends.  It's really a shame because it's such a poor representation of who Christ is.

The truth is I'm kind of tired of it. The comparing, the jealousy, and the competition.  I have no problem stepping back from a so called "friendship" that brings out the worst in me.

I have better things to do than be angry with you, which then makes me angry with myself, because I become disappointed with my hearts condition.

We are called to be ONE body, to love one another, do life together, raise our kids together, pray and worship together. We are to cheer each other on, and cry together when we are hurting.

After all, we are all in this together.  Aren't we?

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