July 15, 2012

I walk up the stairs carrying Sierra in one arm and a basket of laundry in the other.  I realize she is far too heavy to carry these days, but it just seemed like arguing with her would take more energy out of me than simply carrying her.  As we make the climb, she asks, "Mommy, what will we do upstairs?"

Me:  "We will help Natalie clean her room while Allison practices piano."

Sierra:  "We listen to music, mommy?"

You see, Sierra knows of this little pet peave of mine.  I tend to get overly frustrated when cleaning with my girls.  Mostly it's due to the fact that they are chronic mess makers; probably not unlike most kids.  Anyway, I ALWAYS turn on our praise and worship music while cleaning to keep me calm and make it fun.  It doesn't always work perfectly, but it definitely always helps!

This particular day, I can feel my blood start to boil as I pick up one thing after another that Allison so easily could have put away.  I am about to yell at her to stop practicing piano and come help us when I notice it.  This LONG paper is hanging from her bed.  I go in for a closer look.

It begins like this: "Who I'm going to pray for"  Say wha -- Where did this come from?  My heart immediately jumps.  I want to study it further, but I know it's better to take pictures first while she is still practicing piano!

So, I snap away and smile, smile, smile.  SO precious!  And, what a reminder to me -- is it really important that she keep her room perfectly clean, or that her heart is kept tender towards those she loves and prays for?  Of course, she needs to help keep it clean.  I find that to be an important trait, as well.  But, it doesn't have to stress me out so much.  What is the big deal, really?  All on her own, she is doing something of far greater importance!

She included good friends, as well as friends and relatives we hardly see.  And the people of Greenland and Iceland?  Can't say I've prayed for them, recently.  smile

And, funniest of all was finding my own name.  "Mom" is indeed not forgotten, however I fear I may have been an addendum.  You can find me at the very bottom in very small letters.

Well, at least I made it!  Thank you, Lord, for these reminders of what's important brought to us by our precious children!

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