May 31, 2012

Our grandparents once said, "do as I say not as I do".  We tried but it didn't work. 

My parents said the same......

Then when I became a parent I had heard this catchy phrase....Actions are CAUGHT not taught!

So I tried to incorporate this into raising my two sweet girls....and guess what it is true.

So today I encourage you.  Remember everything your toddler, child, tween or teen watches you doing...they are thinking if Mom does it I can too.

Whether it is bad or really do have power to enfluence your child.  No matter what you tell them not to do, if you do it..they will most likely want to do it.  If you watch it on tv, they will want to watch it too.  If you eat it, say it, they will too. 

I think you get the hang of just remember children are little sponges whatever they SEE you do they will want it too.

Actions are CAUGHT not taught!

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