October 09, 2012

Many times I was asked here in India.

Why do you love India most?

I always try to maintain the answer to this question short, because it essence it is much longer and I consider that there is no need to tell the entire in front of a person who is probably not interested to hear the whole story. Certainly I mention one or two reasons, summarizing the answer to this question will probably be best given in the book I am hoping to write one day.

Why do you love India so much?

Today I want to share a story with  you as an answer to this question.

Few days ago as I was coming from my work, I noticed a human being lying without conscious on the edge of the sidewalk, just few inches from where the tires of the first lane of cars run the way.

Altough this is a common picture here in India which faces massive social problems like this one, this sight has shaken me and was different from all the rest.

I was not sure about the condition of that man. What I noticed is the carelessness of the people that made their walking path above him. Then a older lady appeared and stand next to him. She was eating her sandwich and the remainings of it were falling on the body of the lying person next to her.

This sight has instantly shaked me. In a small fragmetn of the second it created a connection between the chest and the eyes which started gathering tears, attempting to release something that was inside.

This sights combined with few other “small things” from recent days ment only one think – I found myself in a new emotional crisis.

I got used to expect these types of conditions long ago since the day I have decided that I will no longer respond with neutrality to the problems in the world, that  I will allow myself to be shaken and disturbed, that I will not suppress my sorrow infront the rest of the world, that I will find a way to fight.


Because we discover the true beauty when we are most shaken. When we choose to be affected by the brokeness of this world, when we decide to give up the illusion that we have found the peace, when we give up from the peace.

At that moment, few thought occupied my heart. Why doesn’t anyone pay attention. Why myself am not stimulated enough to do something. Why God doesn’t make me an instrument of Love and help for his children? Is my quest so far worthless?

This condition kept me company throughout the rest of the day.

At night fall after some time of absence I got a phone call from a good friend of mine, a devotee of the largest spiritual movement in India and the world – ISKCON.

After a few minutes,  I told him about my condition, and again I was not able to sustain the coming tears.

What he told me is the reason I am writting this post.


Krishna is very happy with you today. He loves the heart like yours, soft like butter, and is anxious to enter them and give them consolation.

Try to understand first that we are not controllers of other people’s lifes. We are not even total controlers of our own lifes.

Krishna is the supreme controller.

Despite this, He didn’t fully take our ability to make our own choices in life.
But never give up praying. Today you were not able to do a lot for that person.

But you can still pray for him, right?

Pray. Not only for him but for the entire world. Pray for the whole world to receive the mercy and love of Krishna. Pray for the purification of your heart, because prayers from a pure devotee can instantly produce an effect.

Krishna is the supreme controller. But you know what? He also wants to be controlled. He wants to be controlled by his devotees, by their prayes and wishes, to give what they longe for, by all who seek heart purification and truth.

What I am telling you today is not my own personal opinion.

This has been told long ago in the Holy Scriptures and Bhagwat Gita. I am just a humble transmitter, transfering what was already said. I thank Krishna for the opportinity to once again spread his Word.

... And thank you for sharing this with me today.



These words were like a balm for a freshly opened old wond. They came when they were most needed and they brought me peace.

How did they know to come in the real time and in the real shape?

That is why I love India so much....

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