March 28, 2013

It's 10:30 on a Thursday night. Oh Yeah, It's 'Mommy Time' as I like to call it... all is quiet in the Garcia house. The Beautiful Brown eyed 'On Demand Nurser' is nestled snugly, smack dab in the middle of our California King. The holy-jeaned, first grade Princess is dreaming in her Pink & Purple Canopy, The adventurous thrill seeking (Just turned) 8 year old is daringly, snoozing on the top bunk, down stairs... My Christlike 10 year old is careful to get to bed on time ( Seriously, he will walk out of the living room on 'Family Movie Night' because it's 10:00 and he wants to wake up when his alarm goes off!) Why, you ask? Because he loves to get up at 5am to exercise, read and start his day out with studying his Bible... ( Who's Angelic child is this?!)  This Futon sleepin' kid teaches me more about Loving God than any pastor ever has....Ahhh & my amazing, supportive, hardworking, unconditional lovin' Husband is trying to find a spot on the California King... Baby likes to take the whole bed up!  Here I am , enjoying my much needed 'Mommy Time.' Sometimes I read or paint my nails. Sometimes I surf Facebook or Pinterest. Sometimes I clean, study, plan or pray, Tonight I reflect... A question I get weekly, Why Homeschool? Why do I choose to spend every waking moment pouring into these 4 precious human beings? From the moment I open my eyes at 7am ( - the wee hours of nursing moments) Until I get each child tucked in, prayed with and for, It is non stop - Feeding, teaching, playing, talking, correcting, encouraging, rebuking, Feeding, cleaning, kissing, laughing, occasional yelling , hugging, apologizing, talking, Feeding, dancing, chasing, crafting, Did I mention FEEDING? Experimenting, going,coming,crying, loving...Loving...LOVING, well you get the picture! Non Stop. This is my stop, & I reflect, It is sooo worth it. Why Home School? ~Because God said so, In Deuteronomy, Proverbs, Psalms... Why? ~Because I Don't wanna miss a thing, a mis pronounced word, a cheesy joke, a science experiment gone bad. Why? ~Because I want the absolute best education for these future leaders of America. But Why?! ~They deserve, all hands down, the most dedicated, loving, discerning, intuitive teacher, mentor & educator... oh thats me! Yes me, a simple, stay at home, Christ followin' mom & wife smile God made me to teach these kiddos, I'm designed for it! Flaws & all! (those darn flaws are very good life teaching tools;) Sure I don't get 6 luxuriously 'free' hours to relax, recreate & do all sorts of fun things with no one hanging off my limbs or asking me a thousand questions yet I do get 16 glorious hours to shape, mold & train my future president, firefighter, worship singer & milk guzzler to Love God, Love one another & Love themselves. Oh what a beautiful resume, I am developing. I will press on, failures, success, trials & stresses. The bounty of harvest is my finish line, each time I get a glimpse of  a new skill mastered or better yet Fruit of the Spirit blossoming out of these 4 gifted children, I thank God for goading me to the amazing journey of Homeschooling. Yes, yes that's why I Home School, God called me to it, there's no turning back & I wouldn't have it any other way! Oh, Someones awake, they need me...  'Mommy Time' (Check!)

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