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  • 11 Ways To Build Equity in Your Career by Hbw®

    Simple things can either make or break your reputation at work.  The less your boss or supervisor has to think about the following things , the more respect you will gain. 
    1. Know the difference between talking and chatting. 
    2. Arrive on time.  
    3. Forget your…

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  • The Journey Through Life by Jennifer

    How do you enjoy the small things? How do you focus on raising your kids, what to make for dinner,  what should your child’s science project be? When you are losing sleep your husband will lose his job? When you can’t find a job? When the kids want to go for pizza but you spend the…

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  • A Day in the Life of a Children’s Book Writer by Ann Cameron

    A nice day:  first I check the e-mail and the snail mail.  A little girl, Areyanna, has written me, "You have the goodest books!"  and somebody else, in the UK wants to find one of my books as an audio book, because she and her partner read it to their kids 15 years ago, and want to…

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