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  • Raising My Daughters For Who They Are: A Rockstar and A Princess by MrsTee

    As Mothers of daughters we take on a responsibility of trying to make sure our little girls grow up knowing they are beautiful, worthy, confident, smart, kind and all those things we want them to be in order to be strong women in the future. When you take on this task with two Girlies who have polar…

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  • You Home School? Why?! by Redeemed

    It's 10:30 on a Thursday night. Oh Yeah, It's 'Mommy Time' as I like to call it... all is quiet in the Garcia house. The Beautiful Brown eyed 'On Demand Nurser' is nestled snugly, smack dab in the middle of our California King. The holy-jeaned, first grade Princess is dreaming…

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  • The Choice… No Matter What by Sarah Brooks

    I have a love hate relationship with yo-yos. I think they are super cool! Especially since seeing some incredible tricks involving yo-yos on America's Got Talent. But I cannot seem to get the hang of them and so they frustrate me. A part of our lives the last 5 months has seemed a bit like a…

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  • Out Of Control Faith by Sarah Brooks


    God has really been going out of his way to "test my faith". Not necessarily in a bad way. In the loving way a father who adores you would gently prod. To say, "trust me". And then when I say, "I do". He says, "let's see". I proclaim that I trust him, I am adamant  in my unwavering…

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  • God Just Blew My Socks Off!! by K8@stillroomtogrow

    Don't you just love when God, blows your socks off!  When something happens and it turns out 10x better then you ever imagined.  If you told me 3 years ago that I would be blogging about my middle son, making 3 goals and 5 saves as a goalie, in his soccer game at the Y, I wouldn't…

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  • Reflections of the Past Year by K8@stillroomtogrow

    Today I turn 34.  I have decided to journal about some of the feelings I have experienced in the last year.

    The last year has been one of the best for my family.  We, hopefully, made our last move and are finally settled in a great city.  People are so friendly here and…

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  • The Calm BECAUSE of the Storm by K8@stillroomtogrow

     The Calm BECAUSE of the Storm
    Have you ever had one of those days you feel you'll never catch up, you feel worn thin, you feel like you never get a moment to yourself.

    Evening starts to fall and all you can think about is snuggling up in bed watching a good movie or reading…

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  • What’s Important by Cara Yeh

    I walk up the stairs carrying Sierra in one arm and a basket of laundry in the other.  I realize she is far too heavy to carry these days, but it just seemed like arguing with her would take more energy out of me than simply carrying her.  As we make the climb, she asks, "Mommy, what will…

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  • In Need of a Do-Over by Morgan Kellum

    Tuesday came to a close and a chorus of crying and sniffling filled our home.  Over the sounds of moaning and groaning you could hear Norah's voice loud and clear, "Nothing went my way today!"

    I hear you, sister.

    It didn't start out miserable, in fact we had enjoyed playing…

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  • The Mom Job – Remembering What’s Important by Cara Yeh

    Some days I can find joy in almost every aspect of being a mom... even bathtub splashes that soak the floor and diaper changes. Other days, I need reminders of why this job is so important. The funny thing is, those reminders often come from my little subjects, themselves.

    Devotion…  </p>
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  • How to Soothe a Crying Baby by Jill N

    I have several friends from church and MOPS that have little babies. They are so sweet when you see them at church, but I remember quite well the struggle of getting those wee ones to sleep. I recall the night that my infant son woke up crying, had a slight fever, and I tried to get him to nurse.…

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  • What Would Put Me Out of Work? by Morgan Kellum

    Sitting around the lunch table today, my six-year old asked the daily question, "Can you cut the crust off my sandwhich?"  My husband responded with a witty remark.

    "They should make crustless bread."

    I quickly countered with, "But ... it's what moms do.  It's part…

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  • The #1 Number by Morgan Kellum

    Our kids are little sponges - absorbing facts and fiction everywhere they go.  Learning their colors, learning their shapes.  Learning their letters and learning their names.  Learning about looking both ways at the curb and learning about sharing their toys and snacks.  

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  • Why do we say by Amanda Joy

    Funny story to lighten your day.....

    Driving my 12 year old son, Kyle to school this morning he was stressing about a poetry test he has to take this morning.  So we decided to pray.  I asked God to help Kyle recall all of the things he's studied about poetry then continued…

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  • When a Mom Doesn’t Feel Like Doing Her Job by Becky Kopitzke

    I realized something big recently. I often expect my husband to be me.

    Me, as in, a substitute mom of sorts—a stand-in to handle the parts of my job that I just don’t feel like doing. Because he doesn’t have enough responsibilities stacked on his Husband / Father / Provider…

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  • Learning to Laugh by Morgan Kellum

    What can I learn from my kids?

    Well ...

    I could learn from Aaron the importance of starting your day with a good chuckle.  As I creep downstairs in the dark to take on Jillian Michaels and her most current plan to torture me, I can hear my boy cackling in his room.  I can…

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  • In Need of Grace by Morgan Kellum

    Her hair parts straight down the middle.  Front to back with each hair in place on either side.  A precise part.  A perfect part.  A severe part.

    I can see where each tooth of the comb straightened her strawberry blonde hair; making little lines.  Little furrows. …

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  • Learning the Importance of Mercy by Morgan Kellum

    Apparently on one particular day last week, my big girls were malfunctioning.

    Shorting out.  Over-heating.  Needing to be re-booted.

    Normally Norah and Ashley get along rather well.  With each other and with me.  On this day, however, we were experiencing all sorts…

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  • A Great Day by Tara

    When Max turned two in September, he wasn't talking much. Today, five months later, there isn't much he doesn't say. I love that he can communicate with me and I adore our conversations. I understand 99.9% of what he says, not sure if anyone else understands him at all! It all happened…

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  • Baby Got Back in Skinny Jeans by Becoming Homegrown

    My wardrobe is suffering.  Horribly.  My jeans have holes, my t-shirts are looking worn, and for some reason I have recently only purchased dresses that make me look pregnant.  What is my problem? I am frustrated, irritated and ready for a shopping spree.

    Two days ago, I inadvertently…

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