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  • Find Your Child’s Passion by Laura Contreras Rowe

    I was good at something! I was winning! I was passionate!

    My mom had seen the competitive drive in me during middle school and signed me up for swimming club. It changed the dangerous course my life had been taking.

    With a lack of money, food and everyday essentials of living, my…

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  • Why do You love India so much? by Blaze

    Many times I was asked here in India.

    Why do you love India most?

    I always try to maintain the answer to this question short, because it essence it is much longer and I consider that there is no need to tell the entire in front of a person who…

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  • Blogging 411 by mrsbonnbonn

    I have been blogging for approximately 4 months now, and I have learned A LOT!  I really had no idea about the blogosphere before I started. Sure, I have had a few blogs in the past, but nothing I was serious about. I was not a consistent blogger either.

    Once I decided I wanted to get…

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  • Tips for Delivering Meals to Help Others in Times of Need by Jeanne Winters

    A gift of a meal to someone is such an easy, traditional, warm way to show you care. Relatively inexpensive, but giving a blessing greater than its cost. A simple way to offer kindness to others when they’re feeling overwhelmed, lonely or just plain tired. WHO would be blessed by your offer…

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