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  • A Day in the Life of a Wife by Heather Villa

    We stood at the altar, hand in hand.

    “You’ll love each other more tomorrow than you do today,” the priest said.

    How could that be, I wondered? I’m so in love right now.

    Almost 19 years have passed and I certainly do love my husband…

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  • Full Of Possiiblity by mytoesareclaustrophobic

    Well, it's almost that time.  Time to close out this year and welcome a new one.

    The time of year when some folks reflect back on the previous three-hundred-sixty-five days with pleasure,  some with disappointment and then there are some who don't give it much thought at…

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  • Maybe they don’t have a Dad by sarashaddix

    My husband, Ryan, is the high school pastor at our church.  We have about 80-120 students in the ministry at Calvary Chapel Saint George.  We are very close to almost all of them, but extremely close to a smaller few.  I have so many stories to share, but for now I will stick to this…

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  • What is my density, I mean destiny? by denise

    All these speakers kept talking about a calling and who feels stuck.  They are talking about me.  I have a calling but I’m stuck.  I see people all around me fulfilling their destiny but I don’t know what mine is.

    I’ll admit, I wasn’t too excited about…

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