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    The mental health system has failed me again.

    Mental Health is suppose to be a more talked about topic in or society today. There are so many people out there fighting to end the stigma on all the topics surrounding mental health. But for myself who is a sufferer of depression, anxiety and…

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  • The Choice… No Matter What by Sarah Brooks

    I have a love hate relationship with yo-yos. I think they are super cool! Especially since seeing some incredible tricks involving yo-yos on America's Got Talent. But I cannot seem to get the hang of them and so they frustrate me. A part of our lives the last 5 months has seemed a bit like a…

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  • Out Of Control Faith by Sarah Brooks


    God has really been going out of his way to "test my faith". Not necessarily in a bad way. In the loving way a father who adores you would gently prod. To say, "trust me". And then when I say, "I do". He says, "let's see". I proclaim that I trust him, I am adamant  in my unwavering…

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  • Personal Hygiene or Times I Wish I had No Sense of Smell by LSSwiller

    As some of you know, I work in a dialysis clinic and the smells are unpleasant at best. The aroma is a concoction of blood, liquid medications, bleach, body odor and bad breath, a.k.a. Halitosis. The last two scents are the focus of today’s column. Lord knows I don’t smell like Plumeria…

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  • Best Foot Forward by LSSwiller

    Last week I attended our monthly support group for dialysis patients and we were fortunate to have Tom as our guest speaker.  Tom is a dialysis patient who prior to his diagnosis led a very active life, hiking, biking, running, etc.  As a crisis team paramedic, he was a first responder…

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