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  • Second Opinions by LSSwiller

    If you have been following’s blog then you know of her travails with the mysterious skin rash and the doctors who got it wrong.  Finally, she found Dr. M, who got it right.  While replaying this episode in my mind, it dawned on me how many people, particularly seniors,…

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  • Senior Resources 101 by LSSwiller

    We live in trying times to be sure, but take heart — there are still a number of helpful resources available to seniors, the disabled, and the chronically ill.  Many pharmaceutical companies offer financial assistance programs enabling low income patients to obtain medications for free. …

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  • where do I go from here? by mrsbonnbonn

    The last few weeks I have been feeling "down" if you will.  I'm stuck in a rut. I was trying to chalk it up to hormones due to pregnancy, but I had a feeling that hormones weren't the only culprit.

    Then she came.  She is Christine Caine. Have you ever heard someone speak…

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  • The time my husband and my pastor saved the day. by mrsbonnbonn

    It was a regular Monday night.  Hubby came home from work and I was off to spend some time with my girlfriends. I was there a short time when my phone rang and it was hubby.  I half rolled my eyes because it seems like every time I leave the house he is calling me for something. Usually…

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  • Its the “I” Word by Stephanie @ OurMarriageAdventure

    Full story is at Our Marriage Adventure

    Here I am in the waiting room where pregnant woman after pregnant woman arrives, and new baby after new baby arrives and just so much BABY is in the air. And the whole reason I’m there, is…

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