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  • Death Is Swallowed Up by Redeemed

    I've never lost someone I deeply loved until this year, I'm 29 and growing up with out a Father or stable family has imputed in me pain and loss, yet I'd been shielded, I now see because I've never truly, Loved and Lost as I did this year... My Mema was like a 2nd mother to me she…

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  • A Mother’s Heart Must Sometimes Take a Second Look by Sarah Brooks

    MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2012

    A Mother's Heart Must Sometimes Take a Second Look

    Today and tomorrow I have parent/teacher conferences with my boy's teachers. First up is Isaiah our first grader.

    I will go and she will tell me he is reading well and doing just fine in all…

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  • Reflections of the Past Year by K8@stillroomtogrow

    Today I turn 34.  I have decided to journal about some of the feelings I have experienced in the last year.

    The last year has been one of the best for my family.  We, hopefully, made our last move and are finally settled in a great city.  People are so friendly here and…

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  • Some Thoughts on Age! by The Owl Club

    Who thinks about getting old when you're young?

    Old people are ugly I thought. So don't think about it.

    Oh now, somewhere between 40 and 50 little wrinkles start to show up and I make my kids pull out any gray hairs I can't reach. 55 shows up and for some reason, I'm…

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  • Courage by Carmen B.

    "My dad always used to tell me that sometimes you have to have a massive storm in order to clear the sky. Whenever it rains like crazy one day, the next day will be filled with sunshine, a clear blue sky, and everything will be pristine." - Apolo Ohno

    My massive storm came after graduating…

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