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  • Passion Killers by Amy Trujillo

    I realized recently how grateful I am for the calmness I have in my life nowadays...  It wasn't always like this - I used to have a stressful job, stressful financial issues and a stressed marriage.

    Happliy, I can look back over the last couple of years and feel blessed that my husband…

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  • Creating My Life List by Carmen B.

    After reading Still Living the Dream, a very inspiring mommy blog that happens to have a lot more than just parenting stories, I decided to answer the questions that Jennifer asked, the first was, "Do you have a life list?"

    I have always been a dreamer but I have never put anything down on…

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  • In Need of a Do-Over by Morgan Kellum

    Tuesday came to a close and a chorus of crying and sniffling filled our home.  Over the sounds of moaning and groaning you could hear Norah's voice loud and clear, "Nothing went my way today!"

    I hear you, sister.

    It didn't start out miserable, in fact we had enjoyed playing…

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  • Why do we say by Amanda Joy

    Funny story to lighten your day.....

    Driving my 12 year old son, Kyle to school this morning he was stressing about a poetry test he has to take this morning.  So we decided to pray.  I asked God to help Kyle recall all of the things he's studied about poetry then continued…

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  • The Story Only He Can Write by Hbw®

    As I prepared to make a not-so-fancy grilled cheese sandwich for my husband, John, he walked into the kitchen carrying a book without a title on the cover.   Hmm. Odd, I thought.  "Look what we were doing eighteen years ago today, he said."  And then he started to read aloud.…

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