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  • Reflections of the Past Year by K8@stillroomtogrow

    Today I turn 34.  I have decided to journal about some of the feelings I have experienced in the last year.

    The last year has been one of the best for my family.  We, hopefully, made our last move and are finally settled in a great city.  People are so friendly here and…

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  • Courage by Carmen B.

    "My dad always used to tell me that sometimes you have to have a massive storm in order to clear the sky. Whenever it rains like crazy one day, the next day will be filled with sunshine, a clear blue sky, and everything will be pristine." - Apolo Ohno

    My massive storm came after graduating…

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  • Creating My Life List by Carmen B.

    After reading Still Living the Dream, a very inspiring mommy blog that happens to have a lot more than just parenting stories, I decided to answer the questions that Jennifer asked, the first was, "Do you have a life list?"

    I have always been a dreamer but I have never put anything down on…

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  • The Art of the RSVP is DEAD! by mrsbonnbonn

    I want to address something that has been bugging me for quite sometime.  If something is bothering me I MUST get it out or else I will burst into flames.  Literally. (Well, not really literally because I won't actually burst into flames, but very figuratively.)

    The first time…

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  • Things My Parents Always Said by Been There

    "Hard work never hurt anyone."

    "Believe and love God - even if you don't understand everything."

    "Pray about everything."

    "Respect your elders."


    I'm now in my 60s and you know what? They were right!

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