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  • Pivot Point: How a Daughter Gave Birth to Her Own Mother by The Owl Club

    Evanell Ator Davis

    Flying thirty thousand feet above Mississippi last summer, sitting by the window, I was at once startled and thrilled to view on the cottony fluff far below a perfect shadow of our jet. It was encircled by a rainbow-like halo. I now envision myself as the jet peering…

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  • God Just Blew My Socks Off!! by K8@stillroomtogrow

    Don't you just love when God, blows your socks off!  When something happens and it turns out 10x better then you ever imagined.  If you told me 3 years ago that I would be blogging about my middle son, making 3 goals and 5 saves as a goalie, in his soccer game at the Y, I wouldn't…

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  • The Calm BECAUSE of the Storm by K8@stillroomtogrow

     The Calm BECAUSE of the Storm
    Have you ever had one of those days you feel you'll never catch up, you feel worn thin, you feel like you never get a moment to yourself.

    Evening starts to fall and all you can think about is snuggling up in bed watching a good movie or reading…

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  • My Adoption Story by kristin

    Are you adopted or know someone who is adopted?

    If so I am sure some of these questions have come to mind.  Who do I look like?  Where did I get my hair color/type?  Who gave me these green eyes?  Who do I act like?  What if any medical challenges are in my family…

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  • What’s Important by Cara Yeh

    I walk up the stairs carrying Sierra in one arm and a basket of laundry in the other.  I realize she is far too heavy to carry these days, but it just seemed like arguing with her would take more energy out of me than simply carrying her.  As we make the climb, she asks, "Mommy, what will…

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