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  • How to Soothe a Crying Baby by Jill N

    I have several friends from church and MOPS that have little babies. They are so sweet when you see them at church, but I remember quite well the struggle of getting those wee ones to sleep. I recall the night that my infant son woke up crying, had a slight fever, and I tried to get him to nurse.…

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  • When will we learn about teaching our kids? Actions are CAUGHT not taught! by JanHere

    Our grandparents once said, "do as I say not as I do".  We tried but it didn't work. 

    My parents said the same......

    Then when I became a parent I had heard this catchy phrase....Actions are CAUGHT not taught!

    So I tried to incorporate this into raising my two…

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  • We are all in this together. Aren’t we? by mrsbonnbonn

    Why are women so competitive? Why are we so divisive? Why are we so jealous? Why can we not stand to see each other succeed?  On the outside we are putting on a smile and acting like we are happy for each other, but our heart tells a different story.   Instead of forming a powerful…

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  • I’d Like to Buy a Vowel by Morgan Kellum

    Growing up we watched Wheel of Fortune.  A lot.  And then we would recreate the game outside on our gigantic chalkboard.  My mom would draw us the "Big Money!" wheel and then we would play our own hyped-up version of Hang-Man and win lots of "money"!  Fun memories of summer time…

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  • Helping your baby sleep through the night by Britt-Berg

    Breastfeeding is a special and wonderful experience, with so many amazing benefits for mama and baby. One of the most magical things about nursing is its instantaneous ability to soothe your child.

    That leads us to your current dilemma: your baby wakes up at night, you are really tired, and…

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