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  • What’s Important by Cara Yeh

    I walk up the stairs carrying Sierra in one arm and a basket of laundry in the other.  I realize she is far too heavy to carry these days, but it just seemed like arguing with her would take more energy out of me than simply carrying her.  As we make the climb, she asks, "Mommy, what will…

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  • In Need of Grace by Morgan Kellum

    Her hair parts straight down the middle.  Front to back with each hair in place on either side.  A precise part.  A perfect part.  A severe part.

    I can see where each tooth of the comb straightened her strawberry blonde hair; making little lines.  Little furrows. …

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  • I felt LOVED When I Ate by Lucy

    "When did you feel loved today? or what made you smile or feel happy today?" Kent asks "Sweet Girl" our sweet and very…

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  • Young Kids: When You Lose Your Patience –  Look For Humor by Jeanne Winters

    "Is that your foot? Because it looks like your brother's head," I asked.

    That stopped them in their tracks and got them giggling. "Ha Ha! No!" they laughed in the tub. My daughter had been playing with the shampoo bubbles in my son's hair after I had asked her three times to wash…

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