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  • It Wasn’t My Burden To Carry by MrsTee

    For years I felt like I was responsible

    Like somehow I was to blame

    Did I come at the wrong time, the wrong place, did I have the wrong name?


    Then as I grew older I realized the problem wasn't truly mine


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  • Raising My Daughters For Who They Are: A Rockstar and A Princess by MrsTee

    As Mothers of daughters we take on a responsibility of trying to make sure our little girls grow up knowing they are beautiful, worthy, confident, smart, kind and all those things we want them to be in order to be strong women in the future. When you take on this task with two Girlies who have polar…

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  • Widowhood by snowbird

    Suggestions for preparation of widowhood:

    1. Learn to drive if you haven't already.

    2. Learn to pump gas, check your tires and fluids in your car.

    3.Learn to use basic tools and do home repairs.

    4.Learn to balance a bank statement.

    5.Know where your records…

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  • Cherish Your Friends – No Matter How Far Away by Jeanne Winters

    I just finished a whirlwind trip to visit friends and family in three metro areas in neighboring states halfway across the country.

    It was a test in sleep-deprivation and scheduling – trying to fit in a maximum number of visits, while shuttering the guilt pangs of knowing we couldn't…

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  • Say What? by LSSwiller

    Allow me to replay a recent scene between me and my beloved: While upstairs working, my cell phone, which is downstairs, begins to ring. My partner, Aging Gal, who is also downstairs lying on the couch cocooned under a blanket in what is arguably the coldest house in the free world, refuses to move…

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