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  • It Wasn’t My Burden To Carry by MrsTee

    For years I felt like I was responsible

    Like somehow I was to blame

    Did I come at the wrong time, the wrong place, did I have the wrong name?


    Then as I grew older I realized the problem wasn't truly mine


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  • Say What? by LSSwiller

    Allow me to replay a recent scene between me and my beloved: While upstairs working, my cell phone, which is downstairs, begins to ring. My partner, Aging Gal, who is also downstairs lying on the couch cocooned under a blanket in what is arguably the coldest house in the free world, refuses to move…

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  • The Journey Through Life by Jennifer

    How do you enjoy the small things? How do you focus on raising your kids, what to make for dinner,  what should your child’s science project be? When you are losing sleep your husband will lose his job? When you can’t find a job? When the kids want to go for pizza but you spend the…

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  • Privilege by mytoesareclaustrophobic

    As children my brother and I lived a very "privileged" life. We spent many hours entertained by a jester, a magician, a clown, a musician, a body surfer and a professional story teller...just to mention a few.

    We searched the "mountains" for arrow heads and went on great adventures through…

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