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  • Out Of Control Faith by Sarah Brooks


    God has really been going out of his way to "test my faith". Not necessarily in a bad way. In the loving way a father who adores you would gently prod. To say, "trust me". And then when I say, "I do". He says, "let's see". I proclaim that I trust him, I am adamant  in my unwavering…

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  • where do I go from here? by mrsbonnbonn

    The last few weeks I have been feeling "down" if you will.  I'm stuck in a rut. I was trying to chalk it up to hormones due to pregnancy, but I had a feeling that hormones weren't the only culprit.

    Then she came.  She is Christine Caine. Have you ever heard someone speak…

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  • Praying for Small Things by twitzled

    In the sermon our pastor had mentioned we should pray for small things since God cares about even our smallest concerns. 

    While out playing minature golf with some of my friends, who were Bible school students, I realized no one had got a hole-in-one yet and we were half-way through…

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