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  • What It’s Like To Be A Physical Therapist by G-Mom


    “They took me down in the basement and spanked me!” one 50-something patient declared in the morning. Alas, I did not call 911 – it was the medication talking.

    I’ve been a physical therapist for 16 years. Currently I work at a hospital rehabilitating…

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  • How Betrayal Became My Pathway to Fulfillment by qatharms

    In my mid-forties I went to work for a sheltered workshop. After I had been there for a while, there was an opportunity for advancement. I put my trust in people who respected me, i thought, but the opportunity went to someone else. I felt betrayed. Fortunately it turned out not to be the end…

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  • 11 Ways To Build Equity in Your Career by Hbw®

    Simple things can either make or break your reputation at work.  The less your boss or supervisor has to think about the following things , the more respect you will gain. 
    1. Know the difference between talking and chatting. 
    2. Arrive on time.  
    3. Forget your…

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  • Co-Workers from H-E-Double-Toothpicks by Been There

    How could these 4 dominant personalities co-exist in this small sterile office? And how had I managed to be sandwiched between them after my promotion?
    A few days into my new position and I knew it wasn't a positive environment. Competitive characters and fragile egos made me question if…

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  • Take Time to Enjoy Life by The Owl Club

    When you look back on your life - what comes to mind? What memories do you treasure?

    A hard-earned achievement? A special vacation from years past? A quiet moment with a loved one?

    Many people in the children-at-home, working-full-time-plus category are living life so fast they're…

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