What should I write about?

Start with one topic or experience. Focus on one main point or lesson in each story. Break your “life story” down into “bite-size” pieces. Once a reader finds one of your stories, they will be able to click your profile and see what else you’ve written.

Who do I write to?

Imagine someone came up to you and asked you for help with a struggle, advice about an issue or a word of comfort, empathy or encouragement. Write as if you are speaking to that person. What would you tell them?

What does a mentor’s story do? 

  • Encourage                 
  • Inspire                 
  • Educate                 
  • Guide 
goals - perseverance - career insight - overcoming







Where do I begin? 

Springboard from these questions:

  • What road blocks of life have I overcome?  
  • What good life choices have I made that I’m proud of?  
  • What poor choices have I made that I want others to steer clear of?  
  • What does it take to be successful in _________?    
  • What does a typical day in the life of a _________ look like?   
  • What do I like about my career?   
  • What do I wish I knew when I was 20/30/40/50?   
  • What paths of life have I taken, that I can now help someone else navigate?  
  • What do I love doing, that I think others can benefit from doing, too? 

What should my stories look like? 

Stories can be short or lengthy, but try to keep each story to one topic. You may write as many stories as you like. And you can write multiple stories on the same general topic, but with different points, or lessons. Stories can be light-hearted, strictly factual informative, or deep and emotional. It’s YOUR voice that someone out there needs to hear. Remember, you may write as yourself OR with an anonymous identity. You may choose to do both. 

How do I write about something kind of personal? I don’t want everyone knowing about my XYZ. 

Create an anonymous profile. This is why we offer a login separate from social networks – to maintain privacy. You may also have more than one mentorsaurus login and ID if needed.

How can I write about real people I know or someone who hurt me?

We ever so strongly urge you to NOT name names in your story. In fact our Terms of Use requires that you do not libel, that is to defame a person, group or entity (like a business). Harming a reputation is not only un-mentor-like, but also illegal. 

May I tell my story instead of, or in addition to, writing it?

Yes! That’s a very effective way to mentor. Record a video or audio and upload it to our YouTube channel. Then create a new story with a title and embed your video or audio file in place of, or along with, the story content.

I have a blog. Can I re-use one of my blog posts on mentorsaurus?

Yes. You may use your own previously published material if you are a blogger, writer, speaker, etc. All contributors must abide by existing copyright laws. Terms of Use

How do I write a title?

Select words that someone hoping to read your story would search on. These are called keywords. Write “How I Found Help For My 15 Year Old Daughter Who Struggled With Bulimia” instead of “Those Terrible Days.” Write “What It Takes To Be A Trial Attorney in NYC” instead of “In The Lion’s Den.” Write “Why I Love To Hang Glide” instead of “Being Free.”

How do I know if people are reading my stories?

Readers can comment at the end of a story, email it, “like” it, “follow” the conversation in the comments of that story and share your story via social media. Visit your story pages to interact with the readers who comment. When a reader chooses to “fan” you, he or she will receive notices when you add a new story. You’re making a difference!

What does “flag” mean?

Readers can flag a story or comment they feel violates our Terms of Use. This will alert our staff to investigate. If it is determined to be in violation of this agreement, it will be removed. The writer is welcome to correct any violations and re-submit. 

I want to go back in and edit a story. Can I?

Yes, certainly. At any time you are free to modify your stories. Once logged in, you will be able to select a story for edit. 

I was writing a story and was logged off and lost it – what can I do?

After 15 minutes of inactivity within our site, you will automatically be logged out for security reasons. If you must take a break while writing, we suggest typing your stories in a document on your computer, then copying and pasting into the story field in mentorsaurus.


Mentors must agree to abide by our Terms of Use including obeying existing copyright laws. Plagiarized or hateful content, or adult content inappropriate for young readers is not allowed.

Please avoid overt self-promotion. Your business may play a part in your story, but keep in mind mentors are here to guide, not to sell.