Mentorsaurus hatched from the idea that people in all stages of life can benefit from the hindsight of those who have gone before.

Mentorsaurus captures that wisdom and offers it freely and easily online. Here you will find someone who has “been there and done that."

Live. Learn. Share. is our motto. We’ve all learned a life lesson or two, and now is the time to pass those on.

We are by the community, for the community. Regular people – generous people – offering advice, tips, encouragement and support in the way of stories.

Mentors strive to make the life journey better for others. We shine a little light on the path for those following behind—revealing steps to take, helping them avoid detours, and getting them back on their feet when they falter.

All are welcome to thoughtfully contribute. YOU can become a Mentor. Submissions are not paid or censored, although they must abide by our Terms of Use.

All are welcome to read, search and ask for help. We invite you to spend some time gleaning gems of insight from the stories within. 

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We are a civilized community. Mentors write to encourage, advise and inspire others based on their life experiences, opinions and beliefs. Please be thoughtful and considerate in your comments. Should you have a different way of looking at something, we welcome you to contribute your own story.

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