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This site is open to the public. YOU can influence a life for the better by offering advice, answers and encouragement in the way of stories. Please join this online community of mentors – regular people who have lived a little, learned a little and are generous enough to share.

To add your wisdom to our growing collection, write a story about a lesson learned, a tip, advice or an anecdote that will benefit someone else trodding some of the same paths of life you’ve already walked. Ask yourself:

  • What road blocks of life have I overcome?
  • What good choices have I made that I’m proud of?
  • What poor choices have I made that I want others to steer clear of?
  • What does it take to be successful in ________?
  • What do I wish I knew when I was 20/30/40/50?
  • What do I love doing, that I think others can benefit from doing, too?
  • What does my “A Day In The Life Of A _______” look like?

Stories can be short or lengthy, light-hearted or deep, specific or general. It’s YOUR voice that someone out there needs to hear. 

You may write as yourself – and with that we offer you the value of a link to your own web site or blog within your public profile. You may write with an anonymous identity. You may choose to do both!

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